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Reminder: Please Pick Up and Purchase Books ASAP

Reminder: Please Pick Up and Purchase Books ASAP

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*This message is for Grades 3 to 7 English classes

Dear Parents,

This is an announcement regarding your child's English class. The primary workbooks which will be used for this class have arrived and can be picked up from the Principal (Mrs. Sidak Kaur). Please pick them up by this weekend. These are the texts we will be using throughout the year in addition to the supplementary English Smart workbooks.

In addition to this, your child's Moodle page has been updated to show which reading material they will be reading next. Because the reading list is always privy to change and we can't deliver all of the reading material for the year in one go, we are not providing any more reading materials ourselves, in an effort to save parents from making constant trips to pick up books. Using the link provided, please simply purchase and download the e-book from Amazon. To read the e-book, you will only need to download the Kindle app once. After that, you will be able to download all of your child's reading material onto this app. (If you prefer, you can still order the hard copy, as long as it arrives in a timely manner). Please order the reading material ASAP - again, details are on your child's English Moodle page.

Thank you for your time!